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We offer a variety of classes and programs at the beginning level to more advanced. Come Join us for one class or sign up for a monthly subscription. 

Beginner  Ballet-

This is an introductory ballet class for our young dancers  of various ages. This class will teach this graceful art with slow and thorough training. All of our classes are small, which is specifically ideal for this class. It allows the teacher to be more focused on the students and more available to those who may need one on one attention. This class is taught by the beautifully talented, Ally.
Daily Price: $25.00
Weekly Price: $35.00 {2 classes per week}
Monthly Price: $140.00 {8 classes per month


Hush is a class specifically for the more mature crowd. Briefly
put, it is a class where you can dress as sexy as you like and learn a
few new "bedroom tricks"! Maybe even brush up on some old ones. This class is for the 18 and over crowd. Customers who are 21 and up will be allowed to bring their own bottles of wine or enjoy the complimentary wine served. This class is more of an event where customers can also enjoy simple lessons on the aerial silks and seductive chair routines. This class can only be booked in a group of 3-
6 people. This way no one is in too intimate of a setting with total strangers. 
Price: $100.00

Lights, Camera, Action:

This is a very unique class, as it caters
specifically to the performers. Actors, dancers, comedians, musicians
and visual artists. Whatever your art is, you can use our space to
perfect the craft of performance. With the abundance of mirrors you are
able to see yourself in many different angles, learning your best sides
and stage limitations. You can book a private lesson, a group lesson or
you can schedule a rehearsal time, where you are allowed to rehearse
in private(unless otherwise stated). The actual classes will be taught by
Kat and Lesa.
Pricing is not avaible until booking is complete.​


Queen Lyrical-

This class focuses on sensuality and confidence. The
dance style is very artistic and regal. Created by the co-owner of LEDH,
Lesa, the goal of this class is to inspire the students to take pride in
themselves and their bodies. In this class they will be taught how to use
the body to follow the rhytym of the melodies of soul music. This class is
for the ages of 16-and up.
Daily Price: $25.00
Weekly Price: $35.00 {2 classes per week}
Monthly Price: $140.00 {8 classes per month}


Hip Hop(Intermediate)- Hip Hop is a high energy dance class where
our students will learn the latest dance moves. The students will learn to
count music and memorize choreography. The best part about this
class, is those who want to perform and compete will have the
opportunity to audition for the Hip Hop dance group.
Daily Price: $25.00
Weekly Price: $45.00 {2 classes per week}


Yoga with Alix 

Yoga is a gentle way to improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment.
Daily Price: $25.00


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